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Are you ready to impress your audience?

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Stage in Lights


Slam-bang heavy metal mixes that command head-banging ritual and attention from stationary audience. 

Before the Gig


360 degrees of technical and editoral podcasting solutions for brands and individual storytellers.

Watching a Movie


Grass-fed organic sounds and music for visual media creators. Location recording, live recording, sound design and post production.

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Past Work

Sound design, scoring and recording

Location and live recording

Song 1

Old Folks' songwriting / demo recording and mixing
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Podcast 1

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Song 2

00:00 / 04:52

Song 3

nothing here yet
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Song 4

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Song 5

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Song 6

nothing here yet
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Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Sound design and recording


about us

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Hi, I am Tomasz Stec, a musician, a sound engineer, I make noise, record and mix mostly own music - mostly heavy metal and electronic ambient music. I learned to play trumpet and piano as a kid and learned to play guitar and sing when I heard Enter Sandman.

I also record people talking and singing: songs, podcasts, and audiobooks -  it's so much fun.

I am here to serve the community of likeminded noisemakers and to support my local grassroots metal scene. Please let me know about your next project and lets work together. Stecker Sounds are more than happy to help.


work with us

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contact info:

+44 (zero) 75 180 six 2 six 25 

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